First off, Happy New Year to Everyone and a special thanks to those who supported us in 2017! We cannot express how much it means to small businesses when someone believes in you enough to say "I support you" but even moreso when those words are followed by the action of a purchase!

As small business owners, we took a small holiday hiatus, which allowed us to focus on family and the importance of self-care, one opportunity that travel, even for the business, affords us. We sadly experienced the loss of loved ones (Cancer and Alzheimers Sucks) and one too many hospital visits ( C caught the winter nasties aka Bronchitis and passed them to D). However, we gained reassurance that our loved ones would be so proud of our continuing to persevere and pursue our dreams. We were able to return home to our Texan roots and bite into some good ole' Southern BBQ, sip Christmas cocktails with friends and family, celebrate the ending of 2017 and ring in the New Year of 2018 with a bang. 

Now we have returned bigger, better, brighter eyed and bushier tailed, rejuvenated and ready to bring our travel finds to you all one more time and cannot wait for you all to see what's on our itinerary for 2018! 

Thanks for joining us on this "jungle" of a joyful journey!

Full of Wanderlust and Love,

C & D





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