Over the years we all have seen it, lived it and become increasingly annoyed and bored with it. And that IT is the era of blogging. Lets face it, social media and our generation filled with "ooooo look at me's" have taken over and everyone follows someone so hey guys WHY NOT follow me? Just kidding.....well kinda.

Blogging....vlogging....following....snapping... tweeting...posting could all be so simple.....but I'd rather make it harrrrddd. Really though it gets so overwhelming to keep up with. 

So in the meantime, in between time with my Facebook, hopefully the occasional cool Insta, and feeble attempts to figure out one of the days how to ummm "Snap" on "Snap Chat"...."chat" on "Snap Chat" ..."Snap Chat" on "Snap Chat" or whatever it is you are supposed to do, I plan to bring you.....


I have been asked time and time again if we are going to chronicle the creation of our business and all the adventures it takes us on? Well the answer is ABSOLUTELY. 

But will we bombard you with a bunch of useless blog posts along the way?- NAH! #aintnobodygottimeforthat!

So the question remains what is The Bridge? The positioning point, aka our Latitude to your Longitude, is a platform in which our peeps can share in on the good, the bad, and hopefully NO ugly of our adventures together traveling sourcing and working on Bridges to Borders.

So PLEASE stay tuned. Follow back and we hope that when you do- whether you purchase or not (we hope you purchase of course) that you VENI, VIDI, AMAVI!

As Always with Wanderlust Love,

Only D-because C is on the phone arguing with the airlines!!!

Photo Credit: Crowley Creations Art- ETSY


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