The best thing we possibly love about being entrepreneurs is that our business allows us to see the world. In our most recent adventures, we have been blessed to travel to the continent of Africa and curate a collection handcrafted with the local culture of East Africa in mind. Traveling to Zanzibar/Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, we witnessed not only the beauty of the land but of its people.

Color-bright, bold, neutral and subdued, served as a major inspiration for our second collection, while exploring a land innovative in art, music, technology, architecture, fashion and rich in food and culture, that served as our sourcing ground. While much research shows that the establishment of all civilization began in Africa, we just had to experience it firsthand and bring a piece of it back for you

We present to you a collection that we are very proud of Mother Africa or "Mafrica" with so many more pieces to come and we hope it allows you to


With Wanderlust Love,

C & D

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